All About ME!

Karishma Dindial


Hi my name is Karishma Dindial, but my close friends call me Kars. I am 15 years old, soon to be 16 on October 18th. I Plan to obtain my G1 at the earliest time I am able to do so because I am very excited to be able to drive, of course only with a fully licensed driver in the vehicle who has a minimum of fours years experience sitting in the passenger seat. Right now the 4 courses I am currently taking are history, careers, science, and business. I really enjoy all 4 subjects and believe I am doing fairly well considering my mid-term marks, recent evaluations and assignments that were handed back. Although I enjoy school I however, enjoy summer vacations much more. I am patiently waiting for summer to arrive because it is my favorite time of year. It is my favorite season because I have leisure time, no schedule, and can engage in many activities I find fun such as sports, going to amusement parks, and visiting attractions. I do not enjoy staying in the house and watching TV when I could go outside and have more fun, I am more of an outdoors person and enjoy physical activity. I am a very curious and adventurous person. Even if I am just playing basketball outside I am happy. But when I have to, I have no problem with sitting in one place such as school when I am learning something. However I prefer to be listening to music while doing so because I love music. My favorite genres are RnB and hiphop, gangster rap, and rap because I like the lyrics and beats that make up rap songs.

I was born on October 18th, 2000

My little brother was born when I was 2 years old on November 23rd 2002

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Visited my aunt in California. I was 9 at the time of the trip when we went in 2010 March 8th-22nd

Traveled to London, England for my aunts wedding I was 9 when me and my family went in 2010 from July 12th-July 22nd

First time visiting Guyana. I was 12 when this event occurred from July 6th-July 18th 2013

Remember able day with my friends, I was 14 when we went on August 28th 2015

My Leadership Style

I am a Affiliative leader, which means I believe that harmony in a team is the key to success. I exercise this leadership style whenever people around me get into arguments. I always try to keep the peace.

My Influences

Some influences in my life include my family and my friends. My family influences me to do better in school, most of them are well educated and have amazing careers. I strive to have a somewhat similar lifestyle; one where I love my job and have money in the bank. My friends are also great influences on me, I talk how they talk, dress similar, and generally do the same activities outside of school. They have influenced me in good ways because they always push me to do better, for example they always tell me to go to class when I do not want to or finish my homework on time.

My RoleModel

My role model is my mother because she is a strong, courageous woman and amazing mother. I have great respect for my mother because of everything she has done for me and my brothers despite some circumstances. She has always stayed strong and fought through the pain and despite some reasons never let her children see her cry. I love her so much and appreciate her for everything she has done for me. I hope to be as strong as her and tackle every situation with her mindset because she handles every bad situation with a heavy hand but also warm heart. I love my mother with all my heart and she will always be the person who has made the biggest impact on me as a person.

My Future

As of right now I do not have a solid career path chosen because I am still deciding what I would be good at and what I would enjoy. I think that I would most likely go into something relating to business because right now I am taking the business course and enjoying it. I am fairly good with numbers so maybe an accountant. I plan to take all the math courses in grade 12 so that I can get into an accountant program at a university.
These symbols represent my family because they describe who we are. The first image is of the flag of Guyana, it represents my family because we are Guyanese. We embrace our Guyanese culture because it is who we are and this image is probably the most significant symbol. The second symbol is of a peace sign that very accurately describes the state in which my family members are. Some families have members who do not talk at all anymore due to a falling out, but my family and I are close with all members. The last picture is of me, my brother, my grandmother and her caretaker. This picture symbolizes me family because my grandmother brought my mother and her siblings over to Canada so that they could have better lives, she is the reason me, as well as the rest of my family reside is Brampton.

Quiz Results

1. I am a kinesthetic learner, my personality type is ENFP, my interests are professional, my top subject area is languages and my motivation factor is working conditions.

2. I was mostly kinestheric and musically smart.

3. I am orange on the true colors quiz.

4. Organizing, helping, and creating were high on the Hollad Career Clusters

5. Right brain 56%, Left brain 44%