Left Vs. Right

Do you typically use your left or right brain more often?

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Hemisphericity is the term used when talking about whether a person uses their left or right hemisphere more than the other. For example, those who are "left brained" tend to apply more tasks to their left half than others who are "right brained". More detail on the personalities of each are shown below.

Left Hemisphere

Those who are "left brained" tend to be more scientific, logical, systematic, and have more of a desire for order. Your brain's left hemisphere is in control of your right side.

Right Hemisphere

Those who are considered "right brained" tend to be more artistic, imaginative, abstract, and have a distinct randomness. Your brain's right hemisphere controls your left side.

My Results

There are various tests to determine which side of your brain you tend to relate to most. My results on one such test put me at 4.4, which is slightly closer to the left. This explains why I am more attracted to mathematics and order, and why i dislike randomness and art.