Mare's War

by Tanita S. Davis

About the book

The book "Mare's War" is an inspirational tale on how a young girl, at age seventeen, goes to fight in World War 2 and changes the war. After Mare's mother's boyfriend, Toby, abused her and her younger sister, Mare had no place to go. After Mare heard that the women's army would take colored girls, she decided to run away to the army. Mare's story captures the true beauty of fighting for your country!

Watson Middle School's Library

If you are interested in this amazing book, please go to Watson Middle School's library. It will be in nonfiction section. If you cannot find this book, you can ask a librarian ('cause they're that nice).


Mare's War takes place all over the world, but Mare is born in California. Mare's army bace travels from California to London to France.

Some of the book's main characters

Mare's story will sure knock you off your feet!