Hidden Girl

By: Nat Smith

Internal Characterization

  • During this book Hall doesn't have the opportunity to express her feelings to anyone because no one was willing to listen. The mom never referred to her by her real name. She called her stupid girl or the slave. Since, Shyima couldn't convey her feelings, she held them on all inside.


-Slightly open

-"There was little air circulation, which made it hard to catch my breath, even when I left ajar the door that opened onto the garage"(45-46).


-fine plaster used for coating wall surfaces

-"Instead of five floors this stucco home had only two"(45).


The setting started in their house in Cairo, Egypt. But, when the dad began to get into trouble the family had to move to the United States. They were moving to Los Angeles but had a connection flight from Egypt to New York. Then to Los Angeles!