Salve, Amici!

and allow me to introduce myself; my name is Zach


Hi my name is Zach Bell and I'm from Portland Indiana. I studied Classics and History at Earlham. The Ancient world and its languages have always been alluring to me.

My hobbies include video games, cooking, and tabletop games. I have a special place in my heart for science fiction and fantasy, and am currently running a Pathfinder roleplaying game for my friends on the weekends. I tend to be an easygoing and carefree person, and enjoy spending time with my fiance and our cat.

I am eager to join the cohort as my May Term was spent as part of a Roman Army contuberium, which is where I got my sword and shield seen below.

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I have had some experience working as TAs both in high school and undergrad, and am delighted to do so again, although my original inspiration for choosing to be a teacher is my mother, who substitute taught while I was growing up, and now teaches 4th graders at the Christian Academy in my hometown. I'm both excited and apprehensive for this next year, because as Palmer points out on page 19 of The Courage to Teach, I am working on writing about myself more than writing about a subject field as I've been taught to do, hopefully with positive results.

Looking forward to meeting you all in person!

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