NC ELSSP-VI Newsletter

April 2019

Each child will be honored, respected, and empowered to achieve success in school and life.

North Carolina Early Learning Sensory Support Program for Children with Visual Impairments

NC Department of Public Instruction

Office of Early Learning


Amazing Kids -Staff

LL Cool Tips - Lori Bartram & Lori Persinger

Spring is in the Air- Hitty Chiott

Events- staff

Professional Development Opportunities- Lin Causey


Staff Birthdays for April

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LL Cool Tech Tool Tips

Making Your Own Switch Toys

Did you know you can make your own switch toys from any battery operated toy? Take a look at this month's episode of LL Cool Tech Tool Tips to learn how. Also, be sure to check out the additional resources included in this article as well as the extension activity.

Click Here for Additional Resources.

Extension Activity: This extension activity is worth .3 CEUs. Click HERE for instructions.

What's App? Five Little Monkeys
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Professional Development Opportunities

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April 3- Lori Bartram and Beth Shaw

April 7- Christina Tuton

April 8- Bethany Mayo

April 21- Megan Libby

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