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Fall is here!

During the month of October we will be going over Individual Career and Academic Plan. (ICAP) for each grade level. If you would like to know what is being discussed during these lessons please scroll down and you will find the ICAP scheduled content.

October is Bullying Prevention Month. During this month we will have a variety of content that will help students understand bullying. The content will be given during community meetings, which happens on Mondays during Hamily Reads.

Lastly, Hamilton Middle School will be moving forward with the "On & Off Track" system for all scholars. To get a better explanation please continue to scroll down below.

Community Meeting Schedule for the Month of October:

  • September 25th: We introduced Bullying Prevention month to our scholars
  • October 2nd: Guest speaker: internet safety
  • October 9th: Understand the acronym: A.C.T.I.O.N
  • October 16th: Understand the difference between Mean, Rude, and Bullying.
  • October 23rd: TBA
  • October 30th: TBA


Mr. Nungaray & Mr. Obermeyer

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What is ICAP?

ICAP stands for Individual Career & Action Plan. ICAP is a multi-year process that intentionally guides students and families in the exploration of career, academic, and postsecondary opportunities. Students develop the awareness, knowledge, attitudes, and skills to create their own meaningful and powerful pathways to be career and or college ready.

Quater 1 Schedule

During the first quarter the school counselors visit classrooms to talk with students about Individual Career & Action Plan (ICAP). Lessons have been created specifically for each grade level and differ in their content.

6th Grade:

During the 6th grade ICAP students will have a better understanding of trimesters, report cards, grade point average, on-track / off-track system, and the role a school counselor.

7th Grade:

During the 7th grade ICAP scholars will have a better understanding of -curricular opportunities and how to build a resume!

8th Grade:

During the 8th grade ICAP scholars will learn about career clusters and career exploration. Scholars will also start their Career Fair packet for Career Fair day, which is November 7th.

November 7th 2017

What is it?

The Career Fair is set up to help students make these important decisions with the future in mind. The Career Fair allows for students to talk to various professions about their job. Students are able to interview, gain insight regarding the position, and professionals are able to give guidanc. Students also get the chance to speak to various high schools and programs within that high school.

Where is it?

Career Fair is will be held at the National Western Complex. All DPS 8th graders will be attending. If you would like additional information please visit: http://dps8thgradecareerfair.dpsk12.org

On & Off Track System

Hamilton is starting a new system called "On & Off Track" system. This system was put in place so that students and parents have a better understanding of student grades, attendance, and behavior. To be considered "On-Track" there are three requirements that are listed below:

Three requirements to be "On-Track"

1. Scholar has a 2.5 GPA or above

2. Scholar has three or less office discipline referrals

3. Scholar has only missed five or less days of school per trimester.

How will your scholar know if they are "On-Track"?

Scholar will receive a letter at least every three weeks to let them know if they are on or off track. There will be opportunities to get back on track, if scholar is off-track.

The best part of being On-Track

At the end of every trimester there will be a celebration for scholars who are on track at the end of the trimester. These celebrations usually consist of a field trip at no cost to the guardian of the scholar. Most importantly it helps scholars be prepared for high school.

Parent Teacher Home Visit

What is it?

Parent Teach Home Visit (PTHV) is a chance for Hamilton staff to connect with our community by visiting parent/guardian's and their student at home or another location of parent/guardians choice. It's a free service and it's after school. The main theme around our visit is to ask your child about their hopes and dreams. Also, it allows us to understand your concerns and your child's concerns. We are here for you! If you are interested in signing up, please take our parent survey, which is listed below. The question about Parent Teach Home Visits is listed towards the end of the survey. Please give us a call if you have any questions!

Parent Survey

We will be providing parent assessments to get a better understanding of parent/student needs. Please answer the questions listed below. We are here for you and your child! The assessment is labeled "Parent Survey".