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Importance of Market Research for Product Development

The importance of market research Toronto for new product development hardly can be understated; by informing a developer via qualitative and quantitative information, market research may assist in shaping the design of a product in order to suit both the customer and developer.

Market research Toronto for new product development may assist a developer in determining the target marketplace for a product. If an auto company wants to create a new hybrid car, it may utilize market research to decide the possible demographics for a product. Quantitative research that assists in defining demographics, may show the auto company which segments of the population might be most interested within a hybrid car. If quantitative information shows that a middle-income family is more likely to wish for a new kind of hybrid, the development process of a vehicle may move ahead into the design phase with this demographic in mind.

Now that a developer understands something about likely customers, market research Toronto for new product development may change gears into deciding what these consumers are searching for in a brand-new product. Qualitative market research that finds data about certain consumer needs and behavior, may assist in supporting this next measure in product development. For instance, middle-income families, might be very concerned with safety ratings, trunk storage space, and desire the choice to upgrade an automobile to involve an entertainment system. Knowing which qualities are desirable aids a company in developing a product which meets the wants and needs of its likely demographic.

Besides offering valuable qualitative and quantitative research about a consumer, market research for brand-new product development also can assist a developer in sussing out her or his competition in the present market. Knowing the upcoming and current products of competitors may aid a developer in determining how to distinguish her or his new product from similar things. Also, it may be useful to assess recent products that have a similar profile which have faltered or failed or in the market, in order for the development team to learn from others' errors.

Market research Toronto for brand-new product development also can help a developer decide how the new product may re-affirm, enhance, or improve the image of her or his company. It may include collecting information on the negative and positive views consumers have of an existing brand, as well as upon how poorly or how well prior product releases have done. By linking a brand-new product solidly to a brand, the product will have the chance to offer more than financial success. An excellent product which may re-affirm the best values of a brand, or innovative item which may expand or re-invent a brand, may be an exceptional method of improving the sustainability of a company in its entirety.

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