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Weekly Update for March 21, 2016

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Update on the SCES Family Night Events

Last week we hosted 2 of our 3 Shoally Creek Elementary School Family Night events at Carlisle-Foster's Grove and Boiling Springs elementary schools. THANK YOU to everyone who came out on those evenings to help make them successful! I REALLY appreciate the time that each of you took from your personal lives to share yourself with our future SCES family!

We have our final family night event tonight at Hendrix Elementary School beginning at 6:30 PM. So that the SCES staff is easily recognizable, I would encourage wearing a white shirt with khaki colored dress pants or skirt. We have name-badges for each of you to wear for that evening as well! We will enlist your help with serving some light refreshments, passing out a small gift, and assisting students as they put their thumb print on our SCES tree! (The SCES Tree is going to be VERY SPECIAL when it is hung on the walls of our new school!)

Thank you for helping share in these special events!!!

Question of the Week

What items should I be planning to pack for the move to SCES?

Dr. Mercer and Mrs. Ashby are working on a specific list of items that will need to be included in your move to SCES, as well as a list of items that will need to remain at your current school. There are certain items that your current school has provided to you based on funds that are specifically allocated to your school, so there may be items that must remain at your school. As we move into our new school, please consider that this might be the perfect time to begin weeding out things that you no longer use and begin to discard. More information is to come in the weeks ahead on the "List to Go" and the "List to Stay".

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