Gandhi's life

Shows how Gandhi's life went

Gandhi's goals

Gandhi tried to convince people to treat others fairly and protest without violence. Gandhi's influence continues today even though he was assassinated doing what he loved.

Gandhi's young life

He was born October 2,1869. He was arranged to get married when he was 13. After he got married he had 2 children. He was married to Kastur Kupadia.

Some pictures of Ghandhi

Middle aged Gandhi

When he was in the middle of his age he served for the army. After the army he went to fight for indians rights. He led the salt march and walked 18 kilometers a day. He was responsible for civil rights movements in four continents. He went to law school in Londen.

When Gandhi was old

When he was old he was thinking about dissolving the congress a day before he died. He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 5 times. He influenced Martin Luther King Jr. He was assassinated January 30,1938. There are 53 major roads named after him.

The end of Gandhi.

Gandhi tried to make peace in the world but he got assassinated while he was trying to do it. He kind of succeeded but people still kill each other.