New Horizons In Action #7

January 24, 2020

Upcoming Events

Virginia School Principals Week!

Honoring the hard work and dedication of our principals and directors of New Horizons Regional Education Centers for Virginia School Principals Week!
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Career and Technical Education Annual Open House

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Butler Farm Campus

CTE Alumni Shares Experience with Current Students

Jonathan Sanchez (former Medical Assistant student) and a current classmate of his from George Mason University came to NHREC to give Neuro talk and brought brain samples. Sanchez talked about the university and his experiences with Lackey Clinic, Hospice and other Medical related jobs.

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Hampton Roads Public Works Academy Talks Storm Water

Hampton Roads Public Works Academy students learned about storm water at the Butler Farm Campus. Special thanks to Newport News Public Works and Debbie McHugh for making this event happen!
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Former Cosmetology Student Shares Their Passion

Cosmetology graduate, Mesha Harrell, returned to the Butler Farm campus to demonstrate permanent eyebrow techniques to the Cosmetology II class. Special thanks to Tanya Rogers, Butler Farm Cosmetology Instructor for setting this up!
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Woodside Lane Campus

Boldly Going to Washington, DC!

Congratulations to Mr. C’s Computer Programming students from Woodside Lane Campus for winning the 3rd Congressional District App Challenge! Onward to Washington, DC for the next round of competition!

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Williamsburg-James City County 8th Grade Students Visit Woodside Lane Campus

Williamsburg-James City County School’s 8th Grade students toured our Woodside Lane campus and received information on the many programs offered!

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Newport News Police Training Academy Partners with our Building Construction Class

Carpentry students have been asked by the Newport News Police Training Academy to create replica shotguns for the new recruits. The students took it to another level by staining the replicas to look exactly like what the officers will have upon graduation.

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GSST Feature: Dr. Patterson's Advanced Biology Analysis Class

Student-Designed Photosynthesis Experiments

Students employed spectrophotometry to monitor reduction of the blue dye, DCPIP, by photosynthesizing spinach chloroplasts. Electrons released in the process reduce the dye causing it to become colorless, and increasing transmittance of light. Challenge questions were answered by student-designed experimentation, including this one, in which Mary Campbell (Kecoughtan HS)and her lab partner analyzed the effect of light spectrum on the rate of light dependent reactions. Behind her, Mackenzie Sullivan (Gloucester HS) works on a different experiment.

Cell Cycle and Regulation

Mackenzie Sullivan and Erin Bell (both, Gloucester HS) manipulate bead "chromosomes" to review cell cycle. While various online activities and microscopic examination of real cells undergoing the cell cycle were also done, sometimes old-school manipulatives really help the lessons hit home.

ABO Blood Type Inheritance

Sayaka Mori (Tabb HS) and her lab partner perform blood typing studies using synthetic blood products to simulate real tests. Blood type is determined by multiple alleles: two of which (A and B) are dominant to the third and codominant with each other. Type O blood results from inheriting two copies of the recessive allele.

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Transition Tuesday: Versability

On Tuesday, January 14, Kendra Wormley, Assistant Director of Programs at Versability, presented information to parents and NHREC staff at our Monthly Transition Talks meeting. Kendra gave an overview of the programs offered through Versability Resources to individuals with disabilities. The overview included information about Supported Employment, Business Services, Student Services, Early Childhood Services, Envisions Adult Day Support, and Community Living.

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Newport Academy and Center for Autism - Life Skills

Students in Ms. Amos' Life Skills class are learning about careers and interviewing skills. Three students scheduled interviews with Newport Academy's program coordinator. Students came up with a list of 5 questions each. After completing the interview, students will write papers summarizing what they learned.

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STARR Students Celebrate

Newport Academy and Center for Autism students are recognized throughout the week for being safe, respectful and responsible. Students earn tickets that can be redeemed for various incentives. One incentive is weekly shopping from the incentive cart. In addition to earning tickets, a weekly STARR student is recognized in each class for demonstrating exceptional behavior.

Working to Provide Students Real-World Experience CTE and SPED

Newport Academy elementary teachers will work students in the CTE Early Childhood Education program over the next few weeks. The CTE students will shadow teachers as they learn about behaviors, classroom management, and instruction. CTE students recently visited the Newport Academy in preparation for their upcoming internships.

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CFAAT Continues Reaching Out to Prospective Students

CFAAT Staff attended the Choice Neighborhood Initiative Grant EmpoWR Database Training. CFAAT is working to leverage the CNI Marshall & Ridley Place grant for prospective students to engage in training with us!

CFAAT Cosmetology Instructor Tanya Rogers is Helping Our Students Become “FABULOUS” in Their Craft!

Cosmetology students are working on manican and LIVE heads of hair. CFAAT staff are always willing to help our students when we can and Ms. Kaylee Fortney, CFAAT Administrative Secretary, jumped at the chance to let Ms. Rogers’ advanced students practice styling her hair! Way to be apart of the learning Ms. Fortney!
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YWF Students in Their Careers

The YWC Work Experience program has provided hands on training and industry experience to participants in their chosen careers. Hannah Matthews, a welding student at her work site, Barrel Art in Hampton. Barrel Art is a small welding company that contracts projects from larger companies.

Jani Johnson and Kayla Dickerson, both are Vet Tech students and are currently doing a work experience at Armistead Veterinary Hospital in Hampton, VA.

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