Murder At Midnight

by // averi Stockton b9

what genre is this book?

This books genre is mystery and suspense. It fits into this category because it leaves you guessing and wanting to more and more to figure out what happens in the end.

who is the author ? have they written anything else?

The author is Jeff Woodman , an actor and a person who records voicovers for books. When doing my research, it didn't show that he has written any other books. He's only done voiceovers for them (audiobooks).

Have I read anything else written by this author?

Personally I have not read anything else from Jeff Woodman. But I plan on reading more in the future due to his writing techniques, making everything more interesting.

who/what was the main conflict in the book?

The main conflict was the mysterious killer going around plotting things to over through the king. It took everyone to figure out how to catch the murderer in the night.

protagonist & antagonist

the main protagonists are Fabrizo and Maria Zeanzi which try to save the king. The main antagonists are the killers & the town folks.

How was the conflict solved?

The town worked together to catch the mysterious killer in the night. Nobody wanted the king over thrown , so everyone pitched in on the idea of catching him.


I personally think the theme that the author was trying to prove to everyone was that you need to be careful of your surroundings. The person causing problems could be right up under your nose.

would I recommend this book to anyone ?

I would definitely recommend this book to a lot of my friends because they lover mystery books just like I do. Suspense is what we love