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Business; Course Content

In single award business there are 6 units. Two of the units are compulsory: unit 1- understanding the purpose and ownership of business & unit 2- business organisations.

the other 4 units are optional and can pick from 40 different units

In Double award business there are 12 units. Four of them are mandatory and the rest of them are optional and again like single award you can pick from up to 40 different units, depending of what area of business you want to go in.

Assessment Methods

You get assessed on different variations of course work and at the end of each unit you are graded with a final mark of pass, merit, or distinction.

Progress Routes

If you achieve a good Btec gade at A level then you may be able to apply for any business apprenticeships or even apply for further education courses in university e.g. business magangment or marketing etc.

You could even come self employed, own your own business or even become a entreprenuer.


There is often trips to business environmets, to get the students encouraged to become something to do with business, also you can get a week off to work in a business environment this could go towards work experience and personal statement for university.

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