By: Kayla Wagner

All about the Steamboat

Made easier to travel and transportation of good faster to move.

Steamboats are the way to life.

Unlike canals and roads, steamboats were entirely a private business at the outset. Inventors had been laboring to attach steam power to boats, allowing them to move against a river current. A means of transportation that could move people and goods upstream would create a new economy and new towns, and would bring unimagined luxuries to the settlers. Before the steamboat, settlers on the other side of the Appalachian mountains slowly floated their products on flatboats and keelboats down the Mississippi River, and only at great expense poled them up. The spread of goods and information was almost completely a one-way route, governed by the currents of the great river.

what steamboats looked like back then.


Quote one

When it's steamboat time, you steam. -Mark twain

Quote two

We're gonna steamboat and rail alright. - The rolling stones (Good time women)