8th Grade Trip to Washington DC

Come join your friends for a three day trip

Quick Information about the trip

Danbury 8th graders have explored different places in Washington DC trip over the past couple of years, we are wishing to explore a lot of places this year. This year the cost of the trip is $410 this includes lodging and meals. Students should bring extra money for shopping if they may want, if they have extra time they get to go through the mall. We will being exploring much of Washington DC from the dates of November 5th through the 8th.

Places and information about where 8th grade student will be visiting

Event time and places

Tuesday, Nov. 5th, 6am

Washington, DC

Washington, DC

Students should be at school BEFORE 6:00 am because bus will be leaving. If there is any question you can call the middle school office at (419) 798-2258.