Fueling a Revolution for an at Risk Country


For a country to have a revolution, there must be a key problem or cause, and Greece has many. The fair treatment of women is still an issue that hasn't been completely dealt with in Greece, not to mention the high unemployment rate, High lung cancer risk from pollution, Issues with Health care like the lack of insurance of private clinics and the lack of private clinics and the littering. There are other issues that will be mentioned later in this document, but for right now I personally think that this evidence of poor Government-ruling is in itself, enough to fuel a revolution.

About Greece

Greece is a mediterranian country located in Europe. Greece has very easy access to the ocean and is an archipelago that consists of over 2000 islands. Greece covers 50,942 square miles and is just smaller than Alabama. Greece is covered by sparsely populated mountains. The tallest mountain in Greece is Mount Olympus which is also the highest point in Greece. Earthquakes are common in Greece and can be severe. With a warm mediterranean climate and ocean access, Greece is a great vacation destination. But permanently living in Greece isn't as great as you would guess.


A revolution can't take place without leaders, which is why I'm going to get straight to the point with this one. The leadership In the Greek Revolution will have to be strong in order to succeed with the plan at hand; To overthrow the President. It will take a lot of preparation and it won't be a pretty battle but Greece has had enough with the government taking advantage of it's power and not using it to the benefit of Greece. The revolutionaries, however, have Greece's best interest in mind. To communicate with the masses, Revolutionaries will hold giant public assemblies to get the masses on their sides, and once we have a substantial group of unhappy citizens driving for change, We will protest and offer a non-violent solution to the problem to the government and ask them to step down and turn Greece into a Democracy. If they refuse then we will go into a violent battle. By this time we are also hoping to have control of the military or just at least have the military and some or all of the government on our side as well. The government joining with us is a lot less likely so we will probably be battling against them as well.


Our tactics, as pretty well explained in the last paragraph, are to overthrow the President and Vice-President and to defeat some or all of the government in battle in order to turn greece into a Democracy. We are going to take a non-violent approach at first but is the government doesn't change or react positively and listen we will break out into a violent battle. We are hoping to gain military support by persuading them and preaching to them that no one, including them, is getting fair treatment. We will have mass, public assemblies to get citizens and the military on our side and we will protest to the Government. In order to get rid of the gov't if we are ignored we will probably end up killing most of them when we attack the Government buildings and Legislatures, as with the President and Head of State.

Life Immediately following the Revolution

After the Revolution we are hoping that a new government will take form similar to Canada's, although Greece will still be in a state of recovery, not too much damage will be done to buildings so there won't be too much repair. Lives will be lost for the good of Greece in the battle, but hopefully because the military is on our side, not to many citizens or soldiers will be killed, mostly government members. The revolutionaries will go into Parliament first and will then elect citizens of good will who are dedicated to making Greece a better place into parliament/government along with then and then we can get the ball rolling.