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August/September Counseling Newsletter

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New student registration begins the week of August 17. New students can visit the Avondale Academy Website for enrollment information. Please call (248) 537-6600 to schedule an enrollment appointment. Prospective student(s) must attend the enrollment appointment with their parent(s)/guardian(s).

Returning student registration schedule:

Tuesday, August 25 8:00am - 2:00pm

Wednesday, August 26 8:00am - 2:00pm

Thursday, August 27 8:00am - 2:00pm

Student and parent need to attend registration to complete a new Emergency Card and for additional school year documents. Students will get their student ID picture taken at this time.


Schedule changes are extremely difficult to make for numerous reasons. Therefore, student schedule changes are made FOR THE FOLLOWING REASONS ONLY:

  1. TO MEET GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS: The student has not been scheduled in a class required for graduation.

  2. ACADEMIC MISPLACEMENT: The student is scheduled in a class at the wrong course level.

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Parent Connection is the way for Avondale parents and students to stay current with access to academic progress, attendance and discipline from home anytime. Checking Parent Connection frequently ensures parents that they have the most current information regarding their student’s progress.


To register and obtain a district-issued Parent Connection access key, a parent or legal guardian should email the secretary, Mrs. Brenda Trager at Brenda.trager@avondale.k12.mi.us.

You can access Parent Connection at: https://mistar.oakland.k12.mi.us/avondale/parentportal/

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In January, the State of Michigan announced a new contract with College Board to include the SAT as the new college entrance exam for 11th graders. SAT will replace the ACT, part of the Michigan Merit Examination (MME). To prepare younger students for the SAT, Michigan is providing Spring PSAT testing for grades 9 and 10 and Avondale Academy will also administer the PSAT to grade 11 in the Fall.

Please be assured that the SAT is accepted at all colleges. Students are still encouraged to take the ACT on their own if it is affordable. If you have any questions about the SAT or ACT, please contact me, the school counselor.

2015-16 Testing Dates

October 14 PSAT (Grade 11)

April 12 SAT (Grade 11)

April 12 PSAT (Grades 9/10)

April 13 WorkKeys (Grade 11)

April/May M-Step (Grade 11)

Learn about the SAT design

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Khan Academy is a free resource that is available for students and parents that offers academic support in various school subjects as well as test preparation. Beyond study help, Khan Academy also offers assistance with College Admissions.

This June, Khan Academy launched their SAT Preparation Site for students. Students can register for an account to track their progress throughout high school. The site includes guided practice based on individual needs and practice tests for the SAT.

Students in all grade levels can sign up for an account to get started practicing right away!


Students Visiting College Campuses

Visiting college campuses is an important part of a student’s college search process. Academy class time is excused for up to two visits, but the student needs to provide completed pre-excused absence form 3 school days prior to the planned Academy absence. Forms can be obtained in the counseling office. Students are responsible for any assignments missed during the college tour.

College Representatives Visit Avondale Academy

Throughout the year college representatives from across the state visit Avondale Academy and are available to meet with students in our Media Center. Students are notified of their visits by posters in the hallway, daily announcements, the counseling website, and our Facebook page. Students are responsible for any assignments missed during the college representative visit.

Students may sign up for these college representative visits online or in the counseling office at least 48 hours prior. Juniors may attend 2 visits per semester and seniors may attend up to 4 visits per semester.

Links are available for dates that have already been scheduled. You can CLICK HERE to go to the website.

Please visit the college information stand in the main office for brochures and information.

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September TBD: Senior Class Meeting

September 14 - 18: Individual Senior Meetings

September TBD: Senior Credit letters mailed home

October 26 - 30: Michigan College Application Week

December 1: Cap/Gown order and money due

February TBD: Senior Credit letters mailed home

February: College Cash Campaign

March 1: FAFSA Deadline

April 12 - 13: SAT for those that did not take ACT last year

April TBD: Senior Credit letters mailed home

May 2: Decision Day Celebration

May 24 - 25: Senior Exams

May 25: Senior's Last Day

May 25: Senior Breakfast/Graduation Rehearsal

June 1: Graduation

Senior Class Committee will begin in September. If you are interested in planning and organizing Senior class events please consider being a part of this committee.

A great way to keep up to date on meetings, events, scholarships, and things to do is to sign up for Remind alerts via text message or email. This is for the Class of 2016 and their parents/guardians. It is a safe way to communicate without exchanging phone numbers. There is a new chat feature with Remind as well. If you have a quick question start up a chat!

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Harassment or bullying of students or staff is an extremely serious violation of the Code of Student Conduct . It can also be a violation of criminal law. The District will not tolerate unlawful bullying and harassment in schools or school campuses, school sponsored buses, school-related or school-sponsored events, or through the use of data or computer software that is accessed through a computer, computer system, or computer network of the district. The physical location or time of access of a computer-related incident cannot be raised as a defense in any disciplinary action initiated pursuant to this policy. Violations of this policy should be immediately reported to the principal or designee as soon as possible after the alleged incident. The principal or designee will promptly investigate reports of bullying or harassment. If the investigation finds an instance of bullying or harassment has occurred, it will result in prompt and appropriate remedial and/or disciplinary action.
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For up to date information on events for the Class of 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, scheduling and curriculum information, testing information, and college and career planning, please be sure to check out the Avondale Academy Counseling website. Click on the link below.