Work Progress Administration

Jaya Bhatnagar, Saad Akhtar, Jordyn Barta, Thomas Nordbye

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Who benefits from this program?

People that benefit from WPA are people that are unemployed.

How does the Federal Government help this program?

The Federal Government funded the WPA program and in return the WPA workers built public vicinities such as bridges, roads, public buildings and parks and airports.

Where will this program apply?

North Carolina was the only area where the program was implemented, but the WPA is now working on inputting the program in other states in the U.S such as West Virginia, South Carolina, Washington, Alaska and Alabama. These are the states that have the highest unemployment rate.

How long will it take for the WPA to be effective?

The Works Progress Administration will need 10 years to employ 10 million of people for the program to be effective.

Why is our program necessary?

WPA is necessary for the Federal Government to do for its citizens because many people are unemployed and don't have money to meet their own personal needs. For example shelter, clothing, food and medical care. Before the idea of creating the WPA came up, the government had to provide these needs which add up to a lot of money being supplied to the local citizens.

What problem needs to be fixed in the USA today?

Unemployment needs to be fixed in the USA today and the WPA is here to do that.

What does our program do to solve that problem?

WPA supplies unemployed citizens with jobs to help them get out of poverty and live a prosperous life.

What specific actions can solve this problem?

The WPA would need to find unemployed people and find a job that will contain the skills that the person has mastered at. Once the program finds a job that fits the criteria that the worker knows how to master then the program will have to see if there is any job openings for the worker. If there is a job opening, then the person would get employed and if there isn't then the program would have to keep looking for a job for the unemployed person until the unemployed person receives a job.
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