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Edition 1


For the first edition of 'All Saints Unit(ed)' we are going to focus on questioning. Top tips and resources will be shared from teachers across the world to enhance practice at All Saints. Please take time to read the articles and then give them a go in your classroom!

Pose, Pause, Pounce, Bounce!

It is a simple, yet sophisticated, AfL questioning technique to help teachers move from good-to-outstanding. It also helps address differentiation in the classroom and encourages teachers to take risk. It helps the teacher to tease out the learning and develop oracy. Read the blog post attached.

The A,B,C of Questioning

Stephen O'Carroll from Ark Academy in Wembley has been trying to increase the level of literacy with his students by developing a fantastic questioning technique. His A,B,C of Questioning has really got his students giving higher level responses and it's all as simple as having a small ball and a marker pen! Read his blog post on how he's achieved this here.

Basketball Questioning- Dylan Wiliam

Professor Dylan Wiliam explains how 'Initiation, Response, Evaluation' is not good enough any more if we want to stimulate our students with effective questioning. He demonstrates that what we should really be focusing on is what he calls 'Basketball Questioning' - Pose, Pause, Bounce. Watch the short video below for his explanation.
Solution Tree: Dylan Wiliam, Content Then Process

Think, Pair, Share - The 'Washing Hands of Learning'

Head Teacher Tom Sherrington from King Edward VI Grammar School in Chelmsford gives us his pearls of wisdom on how he's changed his questioning techniques forever with fantastic results. Read his blog post on 'Think, Pair, Share' here.

Top Ten Strategies

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is to not stop questioning.”Albert Einstein

A blogpost by Alex Quigley, an English teacher and school leader from York.

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Edited by All Saints Teaching & Learning Team at All Saints Catholic High School. Articles sourced via Twitter & through Google Drive. Thank you to all the outstanding practitioners who have shared their inspiring work and who are raising standards of teaching and learning in the UK and beyond.

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