Mechanical and Civil Engineer

Created by Derek

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Mechanical Engineer Job Specifications

A mechanical engineer specializes in robotics, and heating and cooling systems. My dad personally works with heating and cooling systems in bigger buildings such as stadiums and hospitals. He has mentioned that they use a lot of math and science to build and construct heating and cooling systems. He has inspired me to be one because we are always building something and using math and science in real word situations. To become a mechanical engineer you need a bachelors degree and 4-6 years in the field. They make around $88,000 a year. It is also a hot job and you must be smart, resourceful, and piratical.

Civil Engineers Job Specifications

A civil engineer generally builds and designs larger public works. This interest me because I enjoy building and designing things. I think this job is made for practical , influential people because they will create and design things for the benefits of the city. Civil engineers need to go to school for around 4-6 years and generally make 40-60 thousand dollars a year depending how long they worked etc. It is also a hot job due to the amount of people needed for it.
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