Don't Let Money, Make you Greedy

By: Sharjeel Khan

Don't Let Money, Make you Greedy!

Our expectations at this club are to gather people who are willing to use their money not just for themselves, but to give to those who need it most. We have decided that in today's world, most commonly people become more selfish as they get more money, often spending their money on only themselves. Although, the money that they waste on things they don't need but want, can be used for a much better cause, such as for things that people who are less fortunate need in order to survive. Therefore, for a more specific goal we want to gather donations within and out of our club to earn $5000 in a time period of 2 months. We will use this money to support at least 80% of Toronto's unfortunate population. In our opinion, no one should be homeless or jobless in Canada at this time, and hopefully with your support we can make this happen one step at a time. In order to exceeded our expectations we will send members weekly to walk around the streets of Toronto and give to gifts to those in need.

How will we know if we suceeded?

In order to check our progress and if we met our goal, we will send club member on a weekly schedule to check on the people we helped out. What we are doing differently from others is that we aren't just giving, then leaving our targets, we will keep in contact with them to check on how they are doing in the future. We hope that what we supply helps them to get a job, and other things that will create them a better future. We will take it slowly and help out a specific amount at a time, therefore we won't rush the process and make mistakes. If we continue to work on this project for 2 months, we believe that our goal will be successful
Here's a video we encourage you to watch, we believe this video will help you acknowledge our goal and what this club is all about. Hopefully, this video will convince you to donate or even join our club staff, we believe the more people we have the more successful our club would be