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5th graders

Click this link for science review and quizzes.

Life Science quizzes

3-6 grade Interactive games

Learn about animals and food chains

Science Kids

Science sites

Science Hangman- practice your vocabulary knowledge A safe place to learn science

Mr. Nussman's learning games for 5th graders

Science tests and fun quizzes

weebly sites for learning


Interactive videos for each topic

Water cycle games

Feed the Dingo

Food Chain games and Interactives

Jungle Jeopardy

Learn all about Plants : Plant games

Interactive plant games and quizzes


Ecosystems, Biomes, and the Water cycle

Plant, plant cells, seeds, Photosynthesis and more

The scientific process

Magic School bus Videos

Magic School Bus Gets Energized

Magic School Bus Seeing Stars

6th graders:

Bill Nye video: Pseudoscience -Scientific Method

Earth's Structure Interactive games

Layers of the Earth Quiz

Layers of the Earth labeling game

Make your own Fossil

What makes fossils?

Interactive earthquake

Earthquake Safety: Beat the Quake

Recent Earthquake Data

United States Geological Survey- Interactive games for kids

Plate tectonic word search

Earthquake interactive game

Strike-Slip Fault interactive

Earthquake experiment

Live Eye on the Earth- Explore Real time Data

Natural Disasters- Weebly

paleontology game learn about dinosaurs and ancient earth

Dinosaur interactive games

Weebly interactive sites for learning

Create your own Volcano and watch it erupt

BrainPop- Volcanoes/ Quiz

Bill Nye: The Crust

Aspire Practice tests and Interactive sites to help you get ready