Rename Columbus Day!

Reconsider the true story behind this day...

Lets Rename it to "Discovery Day"

Columbus Day in the United States for many years now, was a national holiday. It is important to ask ourselves why we celebrate the holidays we do. In celebrating holidays such as Columbus Day we should think is this really a holiday. Death and destruction should not be celebrated, that is not what a holiday is. We should stop observing Columbus Day, honoring the explorer who treated Native Americans with violence and terror.

Columbus is No Hero his a Villain

I believe the true desire behind the journey was Columbus greed for wealth and power. He had a strong greed for money and gold. Columbus killed thousands of innocent Native Americans. He lied even to his own people. I know America would never have a day in celebration for Hitler. So why would we celebrate a day for a man who is just like him. His name doesn't deserve to be a holiday.

Indigenous People Deserve a Day of Honor

We should have a day to celebrate their importance to America. And remember the painful and emotional struggles they went through. If we make America have a holiday about the culture of the indigenous peoples. it will restore respect to a group of people who went through so many scrapes.

Video on what People have to say about Columbus Day....

Reconsider Columbus Day


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