Public Works Administration

June 16, 1933

Public Works Administration is intended to help..

…Economy growth by funding the cost of construction from airports, electricity gearing dams, aircraft carriers, new schools, hospitals, housing and electrified Pennsylvania Railroad .

Budgeted money on the construction of ..

public works, providing employment, stabilizing purchasing power, improving welfare and contributing to a revival of American Industry .

(Provided employment for young teens)

Great Depression ?

By making this program, I can understand that the Great Depression really cased the economy to go down . If the Public works Administration program donated money for the construction of schools, hospitals and public buildings then it must of have been worse . Usually the government and taxes provides these types of costs, so if a new program was established to help with the costs then it shows the crisis in America .

Abolished : June of 1941

Franklin D. Roosevelt moved industry, Public Works Administration became irrelevant.

Summary of Public Work Administration

The video was about the public work administration. It was talking about that it was about on of the New Deal. It will help people who lost their jobs and will help them get back on track. It was created in June 16, 1933 and it only lasted through June 1941. The Jobs would be construction projects and it would also help recovery of economy. It would hire africans american.

Public Works Administration..

was very successful at relieving the economy crisis because they gave money for important causes . They were mainly known for the construction of airports, new schools, hospitals and basically government related buildings . This showed that the government couldn't cover these costs on his own, so a program was established to help him out .