Closing Time...

After 5 years of selling Stella & Dot, I'm closing my shop.

The past 5 years...

We all know the adage, "When one door closes, another one opens". Stella and Dot has shown me many fun times and challenging times too. This business has provided extra money for my family and allowed me to discover my love of people and sales. I remember when my S&D kit first arrived at my was so beautiful - the materials were glossy and the jewelry shiny and enticing. I had heard from enough friends that most people fizzle quickly at social selling jobs because they are a hard act to keep up. This is true! It's thrilling at times when you feel yourself hitting your goals but can be incredibly crushing when you aren't meeting the expectations you set for yourself. I learned not to take "no" personally, and to be positive and patient. I learned you can't EVER make any assumptions on what people are thinking and being direct and communicative is always best. I learned all women care about the way they look and they really want the opinion of their girlfriend's, not mine. I learned I'm not consistent on writing thank you cards although I feel thankful for every hostess and customer. I learned that strong leadership can be incredibly inspiring and I am grateful to have been a part of a strong community of women beneath the fearless leadership of Jessica Herrin, CEO of Stella & Dot. And finally, I've learned to recognize when something is done, close the door and move on...

Thank you to everyone who I met on this journey. Whether you were someone gutsy enough to host a show or a fabulous costumer, or someone I just had a good conversation with at a show. Also, thank you to my husband who would rub my feet when I came home late at night after a long show and listen to the replay of my evening. Thank you!

But... Before I fully close my shop, I still have pieces to sell! I hope you can enjoy the sale items below and be sure to check out the new summer collection - it is HOT! Use this link to place an order on line: I'll be taking orders at this link till May 10th.

Also, if you have any store credit or hostess credit, please place your order right away so I can assist you with any necessary returns. My website will be taken down June 1st.

Pieces can be seen at my home by appointment. Please call with any questions and/or to make an appointment.

*Paypal payment accepted (just email me which item you want and I'll send you an invoice.)

*Shipping cost is $5.95 for USPS Priority Shipping outside Ann Arbor, Michigan.

*Ann Arbor orders can be picked up at my home.

*All prices and sales are final.

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Displays for Sale

What is still available? All 3 white frames. Double bracelet display. White earring display. 2 Steel Frame Bag displays. 1 teal travel tote. Email me if you are interested in purchasing any or all of these!