Info. to know about North Carolina

If you go on trip choose North Carolina!

About North Carolina

North Carolina has beautiful mountains that you can climb up.I know because I've been there. You will enjoy the fun things you do there and see the beautiful clear skies.Also feel the fresh air that makes the wind.Hope you visit North Carolina because its a wonderful place to be!

The State Mammal!

The state mammal is the Gray Squirrel.They have soft gray fur.They have a big bushy tail that is as big as the whole squirrel.They eat nuts,acorns,or any kind of seeds.They live in trees and the stay inside from the winter and come out in the spring.
Scenic Time Lapse: Fall Foliage & Incredible Mountain Views - Asheville, North Carolina

The Mountains of North Caronlina

The mountains of North Carolina is so wonderful and so beautiful.Do you see how beautiful they are?The far away image is spotless.I hope you visit North Carolina soon!!!!!!!!!!

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All the info i got for this flyer is from eHow or google images