Summit University, Summer of 2016

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Dear Online Student,

Would you consider a campus work experience for Summer 2016?

As a Summer Crew Team Member, you will engage in intentional discipleship while earning a paycheck. Just think of it as a paid internship mixed with discipleship, an opportunity to WORK, LEARN, and EARN.

"Summer crew not only taught us how to be servants for others, but it also taught us how to work in community with people. I realized we are a family and can depend on one another through it all, even after the summer is done."

Ashlynn Mercer

"I learned how to speak truth in love to people and release control of trying to control people. God is in control of everyone; I am not. I also grew in my counseling and leadership abilities immensely."

Kyle Cryan


You will learn to combine ministry and vocation as you serve guests of Summit University's camps and conferences. Your responsibilities will include maintaining a clean and orderly environment, supervising the Recreation Center and the Crag Climbing Wall, staffing the Underground Cafe and Byrdie's Grille, assisting at the Golf Classic and completing maintenance-related projects.


As part of the Student Employment Discipleship Program, Summer Crew provides focused group discipleship, examination of group dynamics and leadership development. In addition, Summer Crew provides an intensified, individualized discipleship opportunity for you, offering personal counsel, development and accountability.


Summer crew members are guaranteed 40 hours of work per week at $8 per hour with one week of unpaid vacation.

Through Summer Crew, You'll Experience

  • Comprehensive Student Development
  • Leadership Development Opportunities
  • Consistent Evaluation
  • Clear Learning Objectives
  • Spiritual Development Through Biblical Studies
  • An Introduction to Life Skills Through Job Responsibilities
  • Individualized Mentoring
  • A Journey from Self-Awareness to Team Integration
  • Individual and Team Accountability
  • Peer Learning and Relationship Development

To request more information or to apply,

contact Jenn Paris

570-585-9444 |

Office for Student Development

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