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Giada Turco, Matteo Mascherucci e Claudia Ferrazza. Liceo B. Touschek.

The Oculus Rift is produced by the company Oculus WR, founded by Palmer Luckey, a twenty years old boy. But what is Oculus Rift?

The Oculus is a helmet with a screen, sensors and a gyroscope to calculate the movement of our head. It allows to move the camera in the virtual world by turning the head. Now it can only be used for computers, but in future could invent a version compatible with various console. The first prototype had a screen LCD of 5’’, the screen can to view high-definition images or HD, a small monitor but according to a few cm from our eyes gives us the illusion of having in front of a cinema screen. But the most worrying aspect was the Motion Sickness. Now everything has changed: the new prototype shown in Las Vegas called “crystal cove” that is light-years ahead the previous one. The screen is now Amoled like that our smartphones and tablets, this provides several advantages: the colours are crisp and bright, the images move in a much more fluid and natural. Finally, the resolution is now in full HD. Another new feature is the introduction of a camera to be placed in front of the player. The purpose of this object is to transform the virtual into reality, for example: you can visit your new appartment even before it is built or you can enter in a virtual movie theatre and watch a movie. Oculus short, totally rivoluzionize the way to interact with your computer.

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