Chapter 5

Socializing The Individual

Tiffany Hedrick

Section 1 Personality Development

Things that influence personality and behavior:

-Heredity: genetic characteristics from parents to children

-Birth order: bothers, sisters, both, or neither

-Parents: level of education, religion, and background

-Cultural Environment basic types of personalities found in a society

Section 2 The Social Self

  • John Locke insisted that each newly born human being is a tabula rasa, or clean slate, on which just about anything can be written. Locke claimed that each of us is born without a personality.
  • Charles Cooley is most noted for developing the idea of the primary group and his theory explaining how individuals develop a sense of self. (The looking glass self-image we develop based on what we imagine we look like)
  • George Mead says seeing ourselves as others see us is only the beginning. We take on role-taking.

Section 3 Agents Of Socialization

In the United States, the primary agents of socialization include:

-The Family: most important agent that is in almost every society

-The Peer Group: children relate to peers

-The School: major role in socializing individuals

-The Mass Media: not face to face interaction