Trenton Robson


cruise ship

8:37 minutes to fly to Miami, Florida for $151. For a seven day cruise to the Bahamas cost $419 dollars. Then when we return from the Bahamas for $151 dollars for a 6 hr30 minute flight.

Valintine Resort and Marina

You can get a high quality hotel for only $358 dollars a night for 3 people for 3 different rooms. It, also, has an outdoor pool and all you can eat buffet breakfast.

history culture

In 1492 it was discovered by Christopher Columbus. The Bahamas were a very big pirate hang out. The British took over in the 17th century after over tacking the pirates.


Sit and relax at the beach, soak up the sun for no cost, or swim in the ocean.

Scuba diving is only $99 dollars per person.

Free port bonfire on the beach Bahamas style for $59 dollars.

Blue Shark Golf Club for $100 dollars


A problem I might run into is that they use Bahamian dollars.

A solution is that I can trade some American dollars for their currency.

Another problem is the water pollutants.

But in the scuba diving you won't drink the water.


First off, the prices are very reasonable. I thought the prices were going to be so much more expensive. I found that there was so much to do in the Bahamas and so little time to do the activities. I was astounded that Christopher Columbus founded the Bahamas in1492.

About the Traveler

I like to lay on the beach and soak up the sun.

I enjoy going scubba diving.

I love to go golfing .

I, also, like staying at the hotel and sleeping until 10 oclock.