An Initial Learning Journey

a look through the mind of educator Autumn Riley

America is not the same place as it once was, and we need to ask the question, “What world are we preparing students for?”

Knowledge is available 24 hours a day.

We as educators have to find a way to unlock the WHY behind the WHAT and to teach the HOW with a CAN DO attitude.

Find a way to turn on the FUN, the excitement, the SO WHAT factor

Today, I’m invoking an Innovative Injunction to avoid “the ways things have always been done” for the sake of simplicity.

This is my Digital Declaration.

The following video introduces the 4 elements of my personal learning manifesto.
Sims (2008) "advocates c3-learning – collaborative, contextual, and connected. Collaborative in that learners and teachers can engage in meaningful interactions that are dynamic and emergent. Contextual in that individual learners can focus on their own needs in their own situation as well as taking responsibility for contributing content relevant to those needs. Connected in that learners and teachers need not be constrained to the one classroom – there are many learning spaces and many willing to participate in those spaces (p. 162).

My thoughts on 21st Century Learning Environments

This video expresses my ideas on ways to update our current learning environment. *Video is filled with ambient bird noise... I am still learning and growing, so #birdnoiseforthewin

Ways to Innovate Teaching: HyperDocs and the SAMR Model

This video showcases a resource and system to help assist teachers to update their teaching.

Thoughts on 21st Century Students

This video borders on a rant about a topic I am very passionate about.

Relationships Matter

This video quickly discusses why relationships are important.



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Sims, R. (2008). Rethinking (e)learning: a manifesto for connected generations. Distance Education, 29(2), 153-164.

Link to Digital Declaration - A Manifesto Project by Autumn Riley