South Korea


1. Compare North Korea to South Korea.

2. Analyze the reason why North Korea and South Korea went to war in 1950.

3. Describe the borderline between North Korea and South Korea.

4. Why do you believe the bridge in the borderline is called the “Bridge of No Return”? Explain why you think this.

5. Discuss the right reason why the bridge on the borderline is called “The Bridge of No Return”.

6. Identify South Korea’s population issues.

7. Explain how the government is trying to solve these issues?

8. Contrast South Korea’s population issues with China’s population issues.

9. Examine how many languages are spoken in South Korea?

10. Identify how many people live in South Korea?

11. Explain the climate of South Korea.

12. What is the average January and August temperature in Seoul?

13. Examine the topography of South Korea.

14. Discuss South Korea’s economy.

15. Quantify the religious groups in South Korea.

16. Explain South Korea’s government.

17. Discuss South Korean Family values.

18. Explain how you can be a South Korean ancestor.

19. What are the five most important table manners followed by South Korean families? Explain why you believe these are important.

20. What are the religions followed in South Korea and what percentage of the population follows them?

21. Identify the location of South Korea. (click on the flag for question 21)

22. Identify the black symbols of the South Korean flag and what it means.

23. Identify the three most populated Metropolitan Cities.

24. Outline what Korean art been highly influenced by?

25. Define the main event that happened in South Korea in the year 1988.

26. Identify the major event that happened in the year 1285.

27. In between what years did the Japanese military ruler Hideyoshi Toyotomi leads invasions of Korea.

28. Read a day in the life of Hye-Seung Hyun and answer the following questions.

a) Define Namsan.

b) What two subjects did Hye-Seung Hyun have for the day?

c) What did she do in Art?

d) What time did Hye-Seung Hyun finish school? What time does she usually finish?

e) On what day does Hye-Seung Hyun has a Tae Kwon Do class?

29. What does South Korea celebrate on August 15? Outline how they celebrate it.

30. What do they complain about on Black Day?

31. Identify the Dano celebration.

Based on ‘Gangnam Style’ by PSY

32. How many views does ‘Gangnam Style’ by officialpsy have on YouTube?

33. Define Gangnam?

34. Identify the translation of the third verse (before the first chorus) of Gangnam Style.

35. Evaluate how many Korean Won (KRW) are in 1 Australian dollar (AUD).

36. What is the latitude and longitude in Seoul, Busan and Mokpo?

By Jess Davey - 8 Rubio