The Fault in our Stars

Skyler Quintero

The Fault in Our stars

Hazel Lancaster has cancer in her lungs. Her mom decided that she was in major depression. Her doctor recommended that she would go to a support group where people were also suffering from similar diseases. There Hazel meets a guy named Augustus

Waters who has a fear of oblivion. They soon start hanging out and Augustus seems to have a crush on Hazel. One night Hazel had to go to the hospital because her lungs had filled up with water.Thankfully Augustus was there for and everything was okay. Hazel was in a program for the Genies Wish but she had used it.She loved reading a book called " The Imperial Affliction" and Augustus used his wish for Hazel to go visit the author.The author turned out to be mean and a very drunk man.Hazel became Augustus boyfriend but he confessed to her that his cancer had came back.He promised Hazel a eulogy for the ending of the book.At the end he dies and Hazel receives his eulogy .