Fast Sam Cool Clyde, and Stuff

By Walter Dean Myers

When Stuff movies to 116th street. I picked this because this is where the main story happens. Plus this is where Stuff meets his friends. Then they tell him about 116th street. Where to good is. And where the bad is. They also talk about each other. Like who they are and what they do. This also shows them what they do for life and in this scene this is the place where they become close friends. This is also where the main story happens this is where it all begins.

The main part of this story is when Stuff movies to 116th street. Then that changes when he meets these people with weird names. Then he gets put in with them and they become really close. Then they get put in jail because of a crime they didn't make. Then a Robin invites them from a fight back then when he bit off part of a ear from Binky. Then they find this package and the guy said just to deliver it and don't open it. Then they get in trouble because of the package. Then they tore some buildings and they made new projects there. Then new people moved there and then they went to school half a mile away. Then the whole street changed, and it be came nice not like before.

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