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Will they fight for their rights?


January 17, 1893 a date where Hawaii's kingdom fall to the hands of the foreigners that came to Hawaii so innocent but in the end failed to keep their promises to the Hawaiian island. This would not have been possible without the help of President Harrison, President Cleveland and Minister John Stevens.

2 President and 1 Minister to overthrow the Hawaiian Kingdom.

Historical Significance

This is important to our history because without this we will not know how the Hawaii became the part of the United States of America and how America forced Hawaii to signed a treaty to be annexed to America. This is important to our history because back then America was so greedy to take the Hawaii’s property.

The intended consequence for Hawaii is they got annex to America because they didn’t think what America was doing and they just let them push them around until the America has the power to take that land from then and let the Hawaiians be homeless because the Hawaiians don’t have money to pay their land taxes.

is hawaii legally and lawfully a state of union

On my opinion Hawaii is not legally and lawfully a state of union because according to president Grover Cleveland he sent someone to watch the Hawaii and that is secretary Blount and his mission is to tell the president if Hawaii is really legally annex and secretary Blount wrote 1,400 pages of how Hawaii is not legally and lawfully a state of union.

supplemental information

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The reluctant bridegroom.

This means that America is shocked that he is marriying Hawaii (Annexation) and Hawaii is happy to marry America bbut I think his is biase becdause it is he other way around.