West Lowndes Elementary School

September 2019

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What is the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)?


Did You Know About Title I?

  • Title I is the largest federally funded educational program in the United States.
  • Provides supplemental funds to assist schools with the highest student concentrations of poverty to meet school educational goals.
  • Title I is designed to help students achieve proficiency on challenging state academic achievement standards.
  • Title I schools with percentages of low-income students of at least 40% will qualify for Title I funds.
  • Provide funds to districts in order to assist schools with the highest levels of economically disadvantaged children for improving student achievement, staff development, and parent and community involvement.

The Benefits of Title I Funding


A Few Title I Supported Programs at Our School

In-School Tutorial

This is a program that allows students to experience instructional support from a qualified certified teacher that is geared towards their individual needs. It gives students the opportunity to ask questions and practice skills similar to the requirements of the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) standards.

After-School Program

The newly induct program was created to provide instructional support on state-required standards. The students selected to attend this program were chosen according to their academic needs. Also, students get a chance to work on homework and receive assistance as needed.

Parental and Family Engagement Support

We have a federally paid parent coordinator available to assist parents with supporting their child’s academic progress between home and school. The parent coordinator provides opportunities for parents to participate in workshops and activities that will greatly benefit the academic process. Also, the parent coordinator organizes and conducts planning meetings with parents and volunteering opportunities that will help influence academic success. For more information, please contact Ms. Churna Miller, Parent Coordinator.

Pre-Kindergarten Program

The evidence-based comprehensive curriculum program is designed to prepare children to be ready for kindergarten, with an emphasis on early literacy, and is aligned with the Mississippi Early Learning Standards for Classrooms Serving Three-Year-Old Children and the Mississippi Early Learning Standards for Classrooms Serving Four-Year-Old Children.

The Value of Students Coming to School Every Day


Parental and Family Engagement: Supporting the Academic Success of Children


Minimizing Germs and Staying Well!

As we know, cold and flu season is peeking around the corner! Please demonstrate and encourage children to use the following steps when washing their hands:
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Home and School Communication

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West Lowndes Elementary School

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