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Week of May 1st


Can't believe it's already May!

First, I'd like to start by thanking everyone for all they did to help make last week's evacuation safe for our students. Each of you pitched in to exit the building safely & quickly. It was no easy task to supervise children for nearly 2 hours outdoors.

Kudos to Kate for hosting our first Poem in Your Pocket Day. This was a big success and enjoyed by all. Check out this tweet from Friday - too cute!

Friendly reminder that Friday is School Lunch Hero Day. Please set aside a few minutes for your students to compose letters and cards. Students are being asked to bring cards/letters to the cafeteria on Friday during lunch periods. In addition, we will unveil a sign for "Miss Claire's Cafe" at approximately 12:15. Finally, we will drop off stickers for students to wear on Friday. Some parents and staff have inquired about what they can do. Please feel free to compose cards, bring in flowers, etc. Shhh... Claire does not know about this day. :)

Please remember to review proposed groupings for Enrichment Clusters - make sure that students are not missing or haven't been placed in multiple classes. We'll be making tweaks based on your feedback. We will assume all is well unless you let Chelsea and me know by Monday at 4:00. No changes can be made after this time. Students may be informed on Tuesday. Looking forward to Friday's 1st session!

2 more days of PARCC left (and then make-ups). We will follow the revised schedule (below) on Monday and Tuesday.

Stay dry and warm today!

Update: PARCC

5/1 Update: Please see revised schedule for Monday and Tuesday. Kindly note this is different than last week, because 2 sections of math will be administered on both Monday and Tuesday.

Testing 8:45-11:15

Period 2 11:17-11:57 - Lunch (4th)

Period 3 12:00 -12:40 - Lunch (K, 1st and 3rd)

Period 4 12:43-1:23 Lunch (2nd and 5th)

Period 5 1:26-2:06

Period 6 2:09 -2:49

Period 1 2:52-3:30

An irregularity report has been submitted based on Wednesday's evacuation. On Friday, I spoke with someone from the Department of Education as well as a rep from Pearson. 10 students were unable to complete testing due to the evacuation. The state was able to assist with 1 student's test; I am hoping Pearson will address the remainder. I will provide an update as soon as one is available.

As of today, we have 63 refusals (or approximately 30% of our 3rd-5th grade population).

A note to all non-testing grades - Please continue to remind children to walk quietly in hallways during testing. Also, please keep your class volume in mind if your classroom is located near a testing room.

Update: 2016-2017

While the district budget has been approved, principals have not received information. We are in a holding pattern until decisions have been finalized. As a result, I've asked JoAnn to hold onto budget paperwork.

Placement cards will be distributed this week. Preliminary placements with grade level colleagues should occur over the next few weeks. Our May faculty meeting (5/16) will be dedicated to placements.

A Reminder from Carlos

We are being asked that classroom waste receptacles be reduced to one trash and one recycle placed next to each other as close to the door as possible. Placing the containers close to the door helps to expedite the trashpick up process thus saving time which can be used more wisely. The idea of only having the two cans and placing them next to each other greatly improves the quality of recycling.

Please see Carlos with any questions. Thanks in advance for your help!

Reminders from Mr. Suozzo

Please click here for updates regarding annuals and completion of SGOs.

When preparing for your annual, please make sure to complete your SGOs and your PGP, including your hours. We will also discuss your goals for next year's PGP, so please think of what you might want to be working on for the future. It is suggested that you look at the Technology Competencies to see if there are any areas that you need to learn more about - this can be included in your PGP.

Important Dates

5/2 - PARCC

5/2 - Lunch compliments of the Downie Family

5/2 - 3rd Grade Poetry Assembly (2:00)

5/3 - PARCC

5/4 - Star Wars Day - May the Fourth Be With You (students may dress up or wear Star Wars clothing - no weapons allowed)

5/4 - Top Chef Lunch

5/6 - School Lunch Hero Day

5/6 - Enrichment Clusters (2:15 - 3:15) - Special schedule

Upcoming Professional Development Days

5/16: Grade 3

5/17: Grade 5

5/18: Grade 4