Panda PAWS 1.2

August 23-27, 2021

Important Events for the Week:

August 23:
  • MODEL PLC MONDAYS: Jeans for Staff (every Monday)
  • Daily morning announcements start and a link will be posted to SeeSaw and in the Good Morning email each day.
  • Morning announcements: Marcela

August 24:
  • Morning announcements: Marcela

August 25:
  • WELL-DESERVED WEDNESDAYS: Jeans for Staff (every Wednesday)
  • Morning announcements: Tracy

August 26:

  • Morning announcements: Julia

August 27:
  • Spirt Day! Jeans & Pierce shirts for Staff & students
  • Morning announcements: Jennifer
  • #EPED Prizes start today! Please send home prizes and celebrate a great week at school for everyone!
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We ARE a Model PLC School!

Click here to read our story and evidence posted online for the world to see! :)

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PK 3 Teachers: Please send these resources home to families regularly on SeeSaw!

It will help lower Parent stresses and anxiety about school! :)

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Parent Orientation Info:

Parent Orientation will not be an event this year. Instead, we are updating the presentation and will be giving it to Teachers to share on SeeSaw. Look for that information coming the week of August 30.

Library Updates from Mrs. Popkin:

Badges: If you don’t have a badge for a student or get a new student, please send me an email with the student’s id number and a photo of the student. You should have the new badge within a day. If not, feel free to let me know.

Library Information:

Below are a few suggestions:

  1. Remind students to use soft voices in the library.
  2. Have students go to specific areas of the library until they learn how browsing works. (Students will choose books from the bins on the shelves.)
  3. After students check out their books, have them sit on the rug to read. (Students will check out 2 books.)
  4. Students must wear their badges!
  5. Please supervise and assist students with choosing books.
  6. Returning books: Carts will be in each pod for book return. Please have students put their books on the cart as soon as they arrive so we can get the books checked in. We will bring the carts to the library at 8:00 and 12:30.

Important Speech Info from our RTI Speech Expert, Donna Calhoun:

Should I be concerned about this?

Are those language difficulties developmentally appropriate?

Click here for more information about typical language development for 3-5 year old students as well as a few strategies.

Links to printable resources can be found here.

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!

Coming up next week…….articulation!

All Teachers: Mandatory LPAC Training:

Please remember that the Asynchronous LPAC training must be completed by September 3rd. Once completed, please send certificates to Tracy, sign the oath, and sign the LPAC membership forms outside of her office.

All Irving ISD Employees Required to Complete Annual Compliance Training

All Irving ISD employees are required to complete specific compliance training modules and submit a signed copy of the Employee Handbook Acknowledgement Form to their supervisor. The window for completing the 21-22 Annual Compliance eCourse is July 22 - October 15, 2021.

Learn more at

Have you downloaded the Remind App yet? Please do so today!

Since we are limited on the number of radios we have when we are outside, and in case we need to communicate outside of school hours as a Staff, I’m asking everyone to download the FREE Remind app to their phones and register to join the Panda Staff class at the link below:

Whenever there is a message that needs to go out staff wide, we can communicate using this App. This will be helpful for weather conditions (like last February) or if I just decide on a random Monday night that everyone needs a jeans day. 😊 You never know! Be in the know and download the app. Let me know if you have questions.


Our Lounge has been updated!

Thank you to our Leadership Ambassadors: Whitney, Tracy & Brooke!

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Shout Outs!

From Marcela Montes:

To Ms. Dickson and Mrs. Gonzales for a great first week of school. Your leadership really made this week go smoothly.

To Yasmeen, our student champion for taking initiative and being so helpful around the school.

To all the amazing Pierce teachers, for a great first week of school.

To our friends from the South Irving Collegiate Academy. For their a great pre-convocation party and for all the help they offer around the school.

From Julia Popkin:

Shout out to Ms. Luna for always being willing to learn new things! You have done a great job with the badges, Ms. Luna!

Shout out to everyone in the office with a new position! Thank you for all that you do and always being so helpful!

Shout out to Ms. Aguilar for helping me with translating when welcoming families!

From Lourdes Fierro:

To: POD A – Thank you ladies for helping us get through the first week of school!

Mrs. Ali for today’s breakfast. HIT THE SPOT!!

Marcela and Yasmeen – Thank you for your help with first week melt downs! Y’all are LIFESAVERS!!

Ms. Dickson and Mrs. Gonzales – Thank you for helping our parents with THEIR separation anxiety!

SICA Staff – Thank you for greeting our students in the hallway.

Sylvia – Thank you for your patience with attendance.

Mrs. Popkin and Ms. Luna – Thank you for getting our badges done! Our kids love taking ownership of their official duties!

Carey – Thank you always for helping the techy challenged ME!!

From Tracy Gonzales:

Thank you teachers and IAs for making this week so special for our students. This is the beginning of their educational journey.

Thank you front office staff for getting our little pandas enrolled and ready for school (Sylvia, Nadya, Ursula, and Zandra).

Marcela and Yasmeen have done a fantastic job supporting teachers in the classroom with students.

Leadership Ambassadors have created such a warm and inviting environment in our teacher’s lounge. Thank you Brooke and Whitney.

Thank you Luna and Popkin for being available to help wherever needed this week.

From Jennifer Dickson:

Thank you to EVERYONE for a great first week of school. We are all very tired-but in the best kind of way. A student told me yesterday, "I'm coming back tomorrow!" He was so happy. It made my heart happy too.

We are a Model PLC Campus! The first EC in the nation! I'm so proud of the work we do each day. We are an awesome Professional Learning Community and we are going to have a great year!


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