The Mighty and wonderful Peter

The Son of Adam

About Me

I am Peter and I am on Aslan's side. I have two younger sisters Lucy and Susan and one stuck-up, non-sense brother Edmund. In Narnia I'm known as a leader. It's my responsibility to look after my younger siblings and stick by them no matter what!

Hearing His name

When we were getting use to Narnia, and met Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, I felt like I had made some new friends. But one thing I really enjoyed about them was hearing them tell us about Aslan. When I heard his name I felt like a leader and powerful. Just hearing his name, to me I knew then that Aslan was very important to this land. And just knowing that saving Narnia counted on me, my brother and my two sisters I knew I had to be brave and strong.

My Adventure

My Gift from Father Christmas

Getting my gift from Father Christmas was unexpected.I wasn't expecting a sword for "Christmas" but i really am glad for it now,because without it i would have not been able to help destroy the white witch or protect Susan and Lucy from that beastly wolf.So now i know exactly why Father Christmas gave me a sword instead of things that would have not helped me,defeat the white witch.

My favorite quote

my favorite quote out of the entire adventure was Mr.Beaver saying.....

"When Adam's Flesh and Adam's bone sits at Cair Paravel in throne, the evil time will be over and done."

My favorite all time website

My favorite all time website is I could be on it all day.It helps me with my battling skills and becoming a improved leader.
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Words of wisdom

I am encouraging everyone to help all places,magical or real.And to never mistreat anyone,because there younger than you.And that anyone can be a leader if you let people know you are trustworthy enough to trust.And never in Million years in Narnia time,betray your family so you can get on top.
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More information about my adventure

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