News From Room 8

Our Second Grade Learning Journey

Classroom Community

We are excited to announce our Room 8 Student Council representatives: Alexander Liapis and Megan Giordano. We had our first fire drill on Wednesday--everyone did a fantastic job being safe and quiet. And...drumroll please...we received our i Pads during media center on Monday! We began downloading apps that will help us create and share our learning this year. We will keep you updated on our technology journey as we continue to explore together.

Curriculum Corner

Readers are practicing tricky word strategies during independent reading. When we come to a tricky word, we can roll up our sleeves and do one of the following: use what's happening in the story, reread and ask, "Does that sound right?", look through the whole word, part-by-part, or look for a word inside a word. We are also discussing reading comprehension strategies during read aloud. Reading is thinking--we need to listen to our "inner voice" as we read or listen to text and pay attention to our thinking. We practiced making text-to-self connections and text-to-text connections. Your child can practice this strategy at home by sharing how story events remind him/her of something he/she experienced.

Writers worked on magnifying the details in their small moment stories this week. We are trying to include details that help the reader visualize the setting and the action of the story. Writers also practiced revising their story endings. We don't just write "the end." Rather, writers try a couple different endings out and choose the one that sounds best.

During math, we continued to practice work station procedures. We also practiced reading and writing numbers to 1,000 using base ten blocks and place value charts. Mathematicians learned a new game that allowed them to practice writing three digit numbers in standard form, written form, and expanded form (157, one hundred fifty seven, 100 + 50 + 7).

Our brassica seeds are growing! We recorded our observations in our science notebooks. Everyone had a small green sprout in their cups this week. We will continue to document our plants' growth each week.

Word sorting began today! I met with small groups to introduce their first word sorts of the year. We practiced reading the words, noticing the spelling patterns, and writing the words. Please practice sorting and writing the words at home to help your child internalize the spelling pattern. Our first word quiz will be next Thursday. The three high frequency words said, would, and school will also be on the quiz. Please check your child's folder for a more detailed letter about this process!