Battle of Bunker Hill

Taylor, Charlotte, Kat, Jordyn

Battle Map

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The Battle

  • June 17, 1775
  • British were overly confident

"Don't one of you fire until you see the whites of their eyes." -Prescott

  • The Americans started to fire when the redcoats were 40 yards away, forcing the british to retreat.

  • General Howe tried to attack again, but the same thing happen

  • Americans became low on ammunition during 3rd british attempt and had to battle with hand to hand combat.

  • Outnumbered americans were forced to retreat at this point

Patriots killed 1,000 enemy troops

370 Americans were killed

In the end...

  • Even though the battle was a loss for the patriots, it served as a morale builder and determination grew to win this war.
  • Overall, the brits entered this attack way to confident in their success. If Howe had played the territory safer, he could’ve secured a smaller part of the peninsula first, instead of marching 2,400 troops into a well-defended area.


  • avoiding hand to hand combat for as long as possible.
  • attacking 3 times.
  • Prescott’s new strategy to wait until brits were close to shoot.