Digital Citizenship Lesson #5

By Simon and Andrew

A) Friends and Social Media

Are your Friends on Social Media really your friends? How do we inform the younger generation? Yes, mostly all my friends on Social media are actually my friends, such as Facebook I only add people that I know. We can inform the younger generation by how to use Social Media properly

Does the number of friends you have on Social Media mean anything? If so what? Well to me I doesn't mean much cause your not really gaining anything, So what you you have a lot of friends on Social Media you probably don't know most of them.

How important is Social Media in our generation? Why is it so important? A lot of people can't live without Social Media its like Social Media is just there life but others can I know some people that aren't allowed to use Social Media. What I think why Social Media is important is that it made some of our lives much easier in a way but for other it ruined there lives, like for example since Social Media was created people found more ways to ruin peoples lives such as cyber bullying, hacking and many many more

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Social Media Revolution