Using BYOD? Why Not!

Why BYOD is something you should be using as a teacher

Kira White

The 5 C's of Smartphones in Class

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Creation
  • Curation
  • Coordination


Using twitter as a way for students to ask questions to guide your teaching and their learning. However remember students must be 13 to sign up for twitter.

Clicker are Out

Clickers are on their way out. They do not work for larger classes because a standard set of clickers has 32. However their are apps that allow you to complete the same tasks from the smart phone. Kahoot or PollEverywhere both can work as a clicker.

My Thoughts about THIS Webinar!

I loved the way this webinar was presented. The live format allowed for people to ask questions and get answers on the spot, rather than emailing someone and hoping they respond.

I did find that a great deal of time was lost looking at comments and thanking people for comments. I believe the comments should only have been acknowledged if they contributed to the conversation.

Also a fair bit of time was taken talking about watching previous webinars. All of that material could have been handled up front at the beginning or at the end.

Additional Resources

BYOD Pinterest board

This link is a Pinterest board with links to BOYD resources like rules, apps, and teacher blogs and videos about how they are using this technology in the classroom.

This is useful because it allows me as a teacher to see what is happening in other classroom around the country. Curation of material that I as a teacher can go through and pull resources.

BYOD Introduction Video

This is an extremely entertaining video outlining why BYOD is an amazing concept. This video would work if you had teachers who might tune out to the standard plea to use BYOD.
BYOD in the 21st Century

BYOD LIve BInder

This resource helps expand on the concepts from the webinar. It collected current data, resources, apps, research papers, and implementation documents.