The National Pastime

How it's America's National Pastime

The sport that evokes Americans than any other sport is baseball. Many children play it or very close to it like softball. That is why it is America's National Pastime. Baseball is a democratic game because and average weight or size can play it.

History of the Sport

Baseball was organized before the Civil War (1861-1865). Baseball required some skill and mental judgement which made cricket respectable in England. In 1871 the first baseball league was born. By the 20th century every eastern large city had a MLB (major league baseball) team. They divided the game in to two brackets Nationals and America. They played against teams in there brackets then the winner of each side will meet for the world series and play bets 4 out of 7. This arrangement still exists today.

Expansion and Contracts

Starting in the 1950's baseball expanded. The western half of America got teams by talking the player from the eastern cities to move or by forming a team with people already in the western side. Strict contracts that made the owner of the team also own the players soon changed in the 1970's which aloud the players to be free.

Effects On Todays Society

Baseballs effect on America was important because it was the first sport to pay their players which changed how we look at sports today. It also let a black baseball player (Jackie Robinson) which help prove that we are all equal.