The world of science

Lessons for 11th grade students.


We are going to plunge into the atmosphere of the most fantastic world of science. You'll know about famous scientists and inventors, different inventions and advanced technologies. We'll talk about science and experiments, do projects, write essays, take part in a scientific conference.

Lessons 1-2 "What science can do"

Be ready to talk about a home of the future, answer the questions about devices of the future.

Write about a normal day for someone in 2050.

(see ex. 6, page 89)

Additional resources:

(Как можно представить себе дом будущего? Как он будет выглядеть? Какими современными техническими приспособлениями он будет наполнен? Где посмотреть видео на тему «Дом будущего»?) - here's a look at what scientists are working on today to bring into your homes tomorrow. — a video about Microsoft's «future home» - how the company plans to incorporate technology into more areas of life - what will our future lifestyle look like

Lessons 3-4 "What is science"?

"Is the distance at which we start hearing a sound and stop hearing a sound the same"?

Do you know the answer?

If yes, how can you prove that your answer is right?

If no, how can you find the answer now, in the classroom?

Read a text about how to test a hypothesis, do experiments.

Write your own report on the experiment you did. (see ex. 5a, page 92)

Prepare presentations for the Student Science Conference.

Additional resources:

(Как строится научное исследование? Какие этапы оно проходит? - encyclopaedia entry about scientific research and its stages — steps of the scientific method — what are the steps of a scientific research - a website about the scientific method, research and experiments

Lessons 5-6 "Why do people become scientists"?

Isaac Newton, James Maxwell, Vladimir Vernadsky, Dmitry Mendeleyev who are these people? What is their input into the world of science?

You should write an essay "Why a scientific career is attractive/ not attractive to me".

Do the projects about some scientists and inventors.

Additional resources:

(Где прочитать биографическую информацию об ученых: И.Ньютоне, Г.Галлилее, Г.Менделе, Дж.Максвелле? Кто из россиян или жителей бывшего Советского Союза становился лауреатом Нобелевской премии?) - encyclopaedia entry about Isaac Newton - encyclopaedia entry about Galileo Galilei - encyclopaedia entry about Gregor Mendel - encyclopaedia entry about James Maxwell article about V. Vernadsky - Nobel Prize Winners with connections to Russia (USSR) — list of Nobel laureates by country — Nobel Prize Winners from Russia by branch of knowledge

Lessons 7-8 "Famous Russian scientists"

Vladimir Vernadsky and Tambov region.

Dmitry Mendeleyev and his periodic system of elements.

M. Lomonosov and his contribution to literature, education, science.

You'll learn about achievements of our great scientists who did a lot for the glory of Russia.

Do the task:

Read the passage about the history of some research in physics. Fill the gaps with the correct form of the words in capital letters. There is an example (B0) at the beginning. (Transformation)

By the mid-30s a considerable amount of research

[B0] had been done by scientists A. Einstein, N. Bohr,DO

M. Sklodowska-Curie and others. In 1932 a special group of nuclear researchers headed by A. Ioffe [B2]____________________ at the LeningradORGANISE

Physics and Engineering Institute. By 1935 the firstEuropean accelerator[B3]__________________ inTEST

Leningrad. In 1939 Y.Khariton and Y.Zeldovich theoretically [B4]__________________ the possibility ofPROVE

nuclear fission which [B5]___________________ byADVANCE

Y.Frenkel in 1936. By 1946 the first experimental Nuclear reactor [B6]_______________in the SovietBUILD

Union. A Number if Soviet scientists, such as I. Tamm, I. Frank and P.Cherenkov[B7]___________________AWARD

The Nobel Prize for the outstanding discoveries that [B8]_____________________ in atomic physics.MAKE

Lessons 9-10 Project "A Student Science Conference"

You are going to take part in the International student science conference. You have to prepare your presentations to this project.

Additional resources: - how to prepare to a project's protection - how to make a presentation - Web 2.0 services