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I've been a few rooms this week watching students do some great learning! I video taped some 8th graders reciting their WW I and WW II Poem for Two Voices. I was also in 8th grade ELA and caught a few students performing their own piece of poetry. Check them out on YouTube and at the links below.

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May 6, 2015
Poetry with Ms. Andresen's class


If you don't know Wonderopolis, now you do! It is a site for kids that asks a question each day and the answer to that question. I've had kids use this for their genius project in different classrooms! This entry is a good one about homework!

Levels of Engagement

This visual helps us remember the different levels of engagement. I know I've talked with people about those kids who want to do "just enough." This might help us move them up to the next level.

Great Article

Justin found this article and I thought you might like it as well. Has some great ideas for how you might change a lower level question into a higher level question.