¡life and nature adventure!


COLOMBIAN AMAZON REGION is a favorite destination to enjoy adventure, tourism, nature, outdoor activities, and the culture of ancient peoples, as well as the magic of the rivers that cross this amazing sanctuary.

Let yourself be surprised by the Colombian Amazon.

the hotel

It's located in the "QUEBRADA DE SINCHICUY". The package includes meals, pick up from the airport within 49 hours of priori coordination, internal transfer, tours and walk. It's recommended that you schedule morning flights, the transport from the lodge leave at 9:00 am.
The Lodge has a hammock lounge, a lookout to the river, shop stores, a laundry room, public restrooms and complementary facilities.


5 days , 4 nights. Plan value per night. us $ 49. Includes American breaksfast and dinner.

Colombia is Magical Realism - Testimonial Ingles ref: Amazonas