A Child Called "It"

By Dave Pelzer

The Fight To Stay Alive

The book A Child Called "It" is about a boy named David Pelzer. Dave was about 7 years old when he was first abused. The worst part about it, the person who was abusing him was his own mother. David was brutally beaten and starved by his alcoholic mother. David would have to go days without food. The only food he got was left overs from his other brothers breakfast. He would have to clean the dishes in 2 minutes and clean the bathroom on his hands and knees. David was the only brother out of the 4 of them. His brothers names are Richard Pelzer, Ron Pelzer, Stanley Pelzer, and Kevin Pelzer.

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The Only Chance For Food

Davids only chance to get food is school. When David is at school he has to get there early so that he can steal the food from other children's lunch boxes. When David's mother found out about what he was doing she starved him for even longer. Compared to the other kids David has had a terrible life. He was never able to play with toys or hangout with his friends, on the other hand David didn't have friends.

"Stories of Child Abuse with Dave Pelzer" Video Clip from Kids' Rights