May 9-13

The Buzz in Room 615!

Last Week

Last week was pretty crazy! Monday and Tuesday, the students were split up into other classes. Every teacher gave compliments on how well they did while in those classes, both academically and behaviorally. I was extremely proud! Wednesday was a pretty typical day, aside from our Boosterthon kickoff pep rally. (Information was sent home about that Wednesday, so be sure to sign up on and start raising money for our school!) Thursday, we had some tests and a bit of an off schedule in the morning during reading, and then celebrated Cinco de Mayo after Encore. Friday was nearly a normal day, with lots of reading practice and some normal math and science as well.

Looking Forward

The Week Ahead

This week, more reading testing will be going on, becoming mixed in with our regular reading and math time. Students will be pulled one at a time by another teacher to do their final TRC tests on mClass. That data will be included in the final report cards.

Other than that, we should have a pretty normal week with some great learning occurring!

Writing: I've been saying we're starting persuasive writing for two weeks now, but we have had such a crazy schedule and so many other things to write about and do that we haven't gotten there yet. We HOPEFULLY will be getting started with that this week now. :)

Reading: We will be continuing to learn about the importance of characters and how to make inferences about what they're thinking, feeling, and doing based on facial expression, actions, and words.

Math: To continue our addition and subtraction fluency, we'll be doing various activities to decompose numbers 0-10. Allowing students to practice breaking numbers up multiple times will allow them to become math fact masters!

Science: Our quest for learning all about living things continues this week, with more discussions about what plants and animals needs and the differences between the two.

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Happy Mother's Day to all of you awesome moms and grandmothers!! You all rock and your children look up to and adore you to no end. There's a small surprise in everyone's green folder for you this weekend! We hope you like it! :)