Literary Techniques


similes are 2 objects being compare with like or as. Similes are found where you least expect it.They are in music books.For example in pop music you can find many examples.
Firework - Katy Perry lyrics
This picture is comparing a dog to a dirty sock
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A hyperbole is a exaggeration
Probably the picture was exaggerating that she couldn't go outside
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Taylor Swift - Today Was A Fairytale


A alliteration is when 2 or more words in a row, or close together begin with the same letter
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Peter Piper (Tongue Twister Song) A Funny Song by Bryant Oden


A metaphor is another way of comparing 2 objects just not using like or as.The key word for finding metaphor is are.
It's saying that it has a heart of a lion but she really doesn't
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Miley Cyrus-The Climb lyrics


Personification is a non human thing that has a human quality.
Fireflies - Owl City (Lyrics)
I know this is personification because they can't really talk
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